Happiness is not the pleasure from almost any unreasonable wants you could potentially blindly you will need to indulge

“Glee is not to-be attained at the command of emotional whims. Glee was a state away from low inconsistent glee – a delight in place of punishment otherwise shame, a joy that doesn’t conflict having many beliefs and does not work with your depletion, not the fresh contentment from escaping from the head, but of employing their mind’s maximum energy, not new pleasure off faking facts, but off achieving thinking which might be real, not the newest pleasure regarding a good drunkard, however, out-of a maker. Glee is achievable merely to a rational son, the person who desires nothing but rational requirements, tries just intellectual viewpoints and you can finds his pleasure from inside the nothing but mental measures.”– Atlas Shrugged

An investor does not ask are paid for their disappointments, nor does he inquire is adored to possess his flaws, A trader doesn’t eliminate his body due to the fact fodder or his soul as the alms

“The new symbol of all relationships among instance boys, the moral icon away from admiration to possess humans, is the investor. We, who happen to live by thinking, maybe not of the loot, is buyers, in amount and in spirit. An investor was men exactly who produces what the guy gets and you may will not offer and take this new undeserved. Exactly as he will not bring his really works except as a swap getting matter opinions, very the guy does not give the thinking out of their spirit – his love, their friendship, their esteem meetville – except during the fee along with change getting person virtues, from inside the percentage to own his personal self-centered pleasure, he get off males they can admiration. Brand new esoteric parasitic organisms who have, throughout the ages, reviled this new people and you may kept her or him inside contempt, if you find yourself remembering the newest beggars as well as the looters, have known the trick reason of its sneers: an investor is the entity it dread – one from fairness.”– Atlas Shrugged

“Convinced are people’s just very first advantage, where all the someone else just do it. Along with his basic vice, the cause of all his evils, is the fact nameless act and that everybody routine, however, endeavor not to ever recognize: the fresh operate away from blanking away, brand new willful suspension system of your own understanding, the fresh new refusal to believe – maybe not loss of sight, nevertheless refusal to see; perhaps not ignorance, although refusal to know. It is the work regarding unfocusing the head and you can inducing an enthusiastic interior fog to escape the burden away from view – to your unstated site you to a thing will not occur in the event the just you decline to identify it, you to definitely A never will be A so long since you manage maybe not pronounce new verdict ‘It is.’”– Atlas Shrugged

Boy has to be boy – by alternatives; he’s got to hold their life while the a value – from the choice; he has got to learn to help you endure they – by choice; he has got to discover the beliefs it will take and exercise his virtues – because of the options

“Rationality ‘s the recognition to the fact that lifetime is present, that nothing changes the case and absolutely nothing can take precedence over that act out of seeing it, that is considering – your mind is a person’s just courtroom from philosophy and one’s merely publication out-of step – you to definitely cause try a total that permits no compromise – you to good concession into irrational invalidates an individual’s consciousness and you will turns they about task of perceiving on task regarding faking facts – the so-called short-cut to studies, that’s faith, is a primary-circuit damaging your head – that greeting regarding a strange advancement try a desire for this new annihilation from life and, securely, annihilates a person’s awareness.”– Atlas Shrugged

“Man has been named a rational being, but rationality are a question of alternatives – therefore the alternative his nature now offers him was: intellectual becoming otherwise self-destructive creature. ”– Atlas Shrugged

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