Information for young adults on safer sex, including how to prevent maternity and protecting your self from STIs

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You may be intimate without going all of the means or placing yourself vulnerable to maternity or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Making love does not constantly involve penetration. Kissing, pressing and keeping each other will give you great deal of enjoyment.

Doing any such thing sexual along with your partner does not guarantee an extended or relationship that is happy. Do not feel forced into doing things you are not prepared for. It really is okay to hold back and it’s also constantly okay to express “No”.


Kissing is usually the most effective aspects of a relationship. When you have had that very first kiss that is awkward it is possible to invest some time and enjoy kissing.

Everyone kisses differently, and you can find other ways of accomplishing it (with lips only, with tongues, or kissing the cheeks and throat). Being employed to kissing one another could be exciting. Touching and stroking each other’s epidermis can feel well too.

Be truthful with one another. Tell your partner if you do not like their kissing strategy, but let them know gently. Know that your kissing might not benefit them. Try something that is saying: “we like kissing you, but could we get it done much more carefully?” You’ll just know very well what each other likes in the event that you tell one another.

You cannot obtain an STI from kissing, you could get or give a sore that is cool so avoid kissing if either of you has one.

Going further, or perhaps not

Kissing can cause more severe stuff, such as for instance touching one another’s vagina or penis, or having dental intercourse (using the mouth area in your partner’s genitals). However it does not have to. If things are going too fast for you personally, state therefore. It is your responsibility that which you do along with your human anatomy, therefore don’t allow somebody do significantly more than you need.

You might state something similar to:

  • “Wait, this really is too quickly we need to slow down for me”
  • “No, I do not might like to do that”

It is okay to share with them that you don’t might like to do particular things, even though you’ve done them prior to.

Accumulating to sex

In the event that you’re close and both feel ready, you may get accustomed one another’s bodies and see everything you like and do not like.

Enjoying sex without penetration provides you with time and energy to determine if you would like get all of the real way using this person. a great relationship is about being friends, trusting and respecting one another, while not having to imagine.


Shared masturbation is whenever you touch one another’s genitals. This will feel great if you are both prepared. But be mild, considering that the clitoris and penis can be quite delicate.

There is a danger of maternity if semen is used in the vagina on the or your lover’s hands, therefore make certain this won’t take place. You are able to place a condom on your penis just since it becomes erect.

Be aware that STIs are handed down through dental sex. When you have actually dental intercourse, work with a condom. Avoid dental intercourse if either of you has sores around the mouth area, vagina or penis. Sores might be an indication of disease, therefore buy them examined with a GP or at a health clinic that is sexual.

Whenever would you begin making love?

Some partners kiss and cuddle for months before making love. Other partners watch for years. When you feel comfortable and relaxed with one another, intercourse is more apt to be enjoyable and enjoyable.

If you opt to have sexual intercourse, reveal which contraception is most beneficial to utilize – you can find 15 types of contraception to pick from. Always utilize condoms to guard against maternity and STIs. Select condoms that carry the CE mark or BSI kite mark, that is a recognised safety standard. Avoid using novelty condoms unless the CE is carried by them mark or BSI kite mark.

Understand that infections can pass from girl to girl, and from guy to guy, so that you need to find out about (and practise) safer intercourse, whoever you are making love with. Browse advice on intimate health for lesbian and bisexual females, and health that is sexual homosexual and bisexual guys.

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