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a glucose Glider’s teeth and jaws are organized extremely much like “tweezers” where they largely aim outward and generally are designed to “pinch” or catch bugs. In comparison, a rodent’s teeth (ie. hamster, gerbil, rabbit, an such like ..) all are built to chew all the way down with big force, and “shear” objects in 2. If a Sugar Glider should occur to “nip”, it’s almost always a YOUNG BABY who’s just frightened and has not even entirely fused employing brand new manager. In this situation, their own jaws and teeth will always be very small and weak your bite seems just like a company “pinch”, and hardly ever – if ever – breaks the skin.

TRUTH: It is a fact that Sugar Gliders have become personal pets of course, and making exemplary “family pets” because they usually need to connection to a whole “group” men and women. Put simply, they’re perhaps not often a “one individual animal” – and this refers to mainly because in the open they inhabit “colonies” of 10-15 some other Gliders (and are usually instinctively really “communal”).

With that said, Any variety of pet is obviously will be happiest when it have a playmate of it’s very own kinds – so whenever you can it usually is optimal to have a set of kids.

In the event the funds only allow you to become one animal, then your smartest thing to complete merely thinking about investing just as much times along with it that you can. Thankfully, it’s usually a VERY easy course of action, because unlike almost every other home animals, Sugar Gliders don’t require some DIRECT interest. These include very content merely riding about to you nearly anywhere – and hanging out inside clothing or perhaps in a pocket. Simply because they “bond” so highly along with their proprietors, it is reasonably strange that a fully-bonded Glider will ever attempt to leave the manager – and many men consistently simply take them every-where they go; such as super markets, movie theatres, bike biking, and so on.

To simply help newer holders, a lot of reputable USDA breeders provide reduced prices for purchase the next animal.

TRUTH: once more, this myth is based on early, and outdated info. Previous veterinarian studies show the ideal cage dimensions for a new Sugar Glider is around 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 legs. Such a thing big brings about far lower activity grade, and somewhat inhibits the connection procedure.

Several veterinarian reports today concur that this cage size is also adequate for as much as 2 person Sugar Gliders. For grown pets, a more substantial cage is always better, and lots of standard “aviary” preferences cages – measuring around 2 feet x 3 base x 2 legs ( or larger)- are plentiful.

According to recent veterinarian studies, the specific development of a glucose Glider’s cage is in fact MUCH more important than the size. As an example, the best cage for youthful Sugar Gliders needs to be made of stainless-steel cable “mesh” – with holes no larger than ?’’ x 1” – in addition to line should be covered with PVC vinyl avoiding zinc poisoning.

For large, person creatures a typical “aviary” style bird-cage is often the the majority of practical option. However, the solitary the very first thing to consider when selecting this cage is the coating in the pubs. All the taverns and areas on the cage must coated with a HIGH-grade epoxy or powder-coating – NOT paint or low priced powder-coating. Almost all bird cages are built in China these days – therefore the cheap coatings which generally are available common on these cages usually begins flaking down after a couple of period (disclosing the low-grade metal underneath). This can trigger zinc-poisoning developed when the Glider cleans their fur and then licks the steel residue within their system.

The majority of aviary-style cages currently available take a look IDENTICAL, very before buying one, definitely review the sort of finish it has. An excellent cage making use of proper coating will definitely cost a couple of dollars considerably – but considering potential effects – this really is one area in which it will not normally spend to truly save multiple dollars.

FACT: this is exactly once more, a vintage misconception predicated on EXTREMELY out-of-date facts. Over the past ten years, Sugar Gliders have become extremely popular as home dogs – if in case you ought to affect get sick, almost any inspect exactly who already deals with different tiny mammals like hamsters and gerbils will easily be in a position to focus on them.

Unlike almost every other home pet, glucose Gliders need no vaccinations (or ongoing medical care like heartworm or flea medications, etc ..) of any kind – in every state – simply because they have not been shown to carry any serious illnesses. Actually there has never been one reported case into the U.S. of a Sugar Glider actually ever driving along a sickness to a human getting. Distinction this with kittens, canines, turtles, iguanas, also usual house pet – which consistently pass on numerous diseases to human beings everyday.

Nevertheless, typical hygienic precautions like washing arms both before and after dealing with most pet will always be ideal.

In most cases, if a glucose Glider should accidentally become ill, it will always be the result of either: 1) eating them a poorly-designed, outdated diet, and/or 2) insufficient attention. Once again, these issues usually are effortlessly averted by simply following authored, Veterinarian-approved worry plan given by a Federally-Licensed USDA Breeder – and any such reliable breeder should be easily in a position to create this to you at no charge.


If you find yourself seriously thinking about purchasing glucose Gliders, take a look at the reputation of the breeder and/or websites you will be dealing with at: this website contains objective specialist and customers feedback of top 25 glucose Glider websites and breeders when you look at the U.S.. It really is up-to-date weekly, and will give you a simple, reliable picture of the people you happen to be handling.

NOTE: this post is a must-read for anyone who is thinking about owning a glucose Glider. This is the consequence of thousands of hours of studies done on the behalf of the North American glucose Glider Association by certified private investigators and their representatives. It had been accredited by NASGA after receiving numerous, continuous issues from accredited pet attention professionals, Veterinarians, and concerned members with regards to inaccurate and slanderous suggestions regularly published on many net community forums and chat rooms.

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