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Station J is not just another entrepreneurial hub or business incubator; as it thrives to enhance the innovative ecosystem in Jerusalem by building a collaborative “knowledge exchange” network among Palestinian innovators, entrepreneurs and youth to better access a dynamic, diverse and vibrant community in the field of entrepreneurship. Jerusalem has the people and the ideas but lacks channels to access resources and networks, Station J will offer young Palestinian entrepreneurs, who possess great potential and lack access to resources with a platform to tap into knowledge, capacities and offering new channels for Palestinians to connect directly with the international entrepreneurial community.


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What we provide?

> Station J aims at making economic, social and sustainable impact through Palestinian innovation fueled
by expertise, entrepreneurial talent, and new technology from across the globe.

> Our role is combining practices, tools, resources and environments to influence the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jerusalem.

> We guide innovators and entrepreneurs from ideation stages, connect them to markets and investment opportunities.

> We help plug knowledge, expertise, and skills gaps, gain access to investment, and fill market niches to maximize the potential of the innovations and innovators we support.

Startups Lab

To enhance Palestinian youth access to skills, resources and markets that reduces key gaps in infrastructure and barriers, the program will offer youth, innovators and entrepreneurs with business ideas, initiatives, and start-ups through extensive training, coaching, and mentoring services that focus on identification and consideration of diverse and varying needs from every stage of the design
to the implementation of the service based on global best practices in business pre-/seed- funding, incubation and acceleration, in addition to connections with local and global expertise, linkages, networks and exposure to markets.


To increase level of knowledge
and information among youth, private sector, researchers, academia actors, the program will set a learning and inclusive environment to expose needs, gaps, and best practices in the field of entrepreneurship as well as introduce the community to the latest research findings, technology and expertise from across the globe through a series of community building events and gatherings; thereby creating a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and the seeds for an innovative eco-system.


With the ever-digitalizing world, the ability to react to innovation and labour market needs has emerged as a significant priority for youth. The program aims to facilitate youth transformation and capacity development to better integrate in the labour market as future self-employees, employees or employers.

Co-working Space

We know that innovators and entrepreneurs have a million things to deal with, limited access to physical and financial resources and how stressful it is to find a space to work in peace! That’s why we offer an office space that lets our members focus on what matters most. Come join us and be a part of Station J community that brings professionals together to foster a supportive community where people can grow their businesses and pursue their passions independently, but not alone.

How to Apply?

To join or learn more about our activities and additional application details, visit: https://stationj.ps/

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