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S Age C O N D BOOKE O F brand new Historie away from Africa, and of the new memorable something contains therein. Auing in my very first booke produced regard to urban centers, bounds, diuisions, and some almost every other popular and you can memorable things present in Africa ; we are going to contained in this second area a whole lot more totally, instance, mainly, and you can distinctly explain sundrie prouinces, townes, mountaines. situations out of towns and cities, lawes, rites, and customes, of men and women. Insomuch we commonly leaue little vntouched, that may any way serue towards the demonstrating and you may learning out-of this the expose discourse. Birth for this reason on west part of Africa, we will contained in this the geographicall historie proceede eastward, till i started to the fresh limits away from Aegypt. And all of this the narration following we shall diuide for the seuen bookes ; whereunto (God willing) we purpose in order to annexe the fresh new 8th, and this shall intreat off riuers, out-of liuing animals, out of woods, off herbs, off fruits, of shrubs, and of including most other extremely delightfull things. Of area for Hea lying vpon south-west section of Africa. Ea 1 becoming one of many prouinces regarding Maroco try bounded westward and northwarde for the maine Ocean, southwarde into mountaines regarding Atlas, and eastward

into the riuer which they label Esfiualo.dos Which riuer springeth from the foresaide mountaine, discharging they selfe thoroughly on riuer from Tensift, and you may diuiding Hea on the prouince second adiacent. Of your problem and you can description out-of Hea. ‘His area for Hea was an vneeuen and you will crude soile, loaded with rockie mountaines, shadie woods, and you may chrystallstreames in most metropolises ; are woonderfully rich, and you may wel held having society. They haue from the said part high wealth regarding goates and you may asses, but not instance plentie out-of sheepe, oxen and you can horses. All kinde regarding fruites are scarce among them, not that a floor was vncapable out-of good fresh fruit, but as folks are so rude and unaware in this behalfe, one to not too many of these try skilfull inside planting, graffing, or trimming off trees. Whereof I was effortlessly perswaded : to possess From the which i founde certainly one of particular gardiners off Hea high abundance off fresh fruit. Out-of graine they haue little plentie, but it is regarding barlie, factory, and you can panick. They haue high wealth out-of honie, which they vse within the stead out-of ordinarie foode, nevertheless waxe it shed away absolutely nothing about this, while they see perhaps not the significance thereof. On top of that you’ll find used in this particular area certaine thornie trees results a beneficial grosse kinde of fruit, maybe not vnlike vnto those individuals oliues which can be produced vnto vs off Spaine : the said fruits it call-in their code Arga. With the fruits they generate an excellent kinde ofoile, getting regarding a good fulsome and you can solid savour, which they vse despite for sauce and for lampes.step 3

lover try anything but an excellent disciple regarding Ibrahim, whose race he with his successor performed their very best in order to exterminate. Gogideme are, perhaps, because the both Mr. Corley, and you may Yards. de Averzac keeps ideal, the new Gogdem (Cocadem) out of Edrisi, used on the brand new route out-of Arki seven days away from Wad Nun, and you can 12 off Traza, into the channel anywhere between both of these places, and the same as Gogdem, title of a wilderness it requires nine weeks to traverse on the way from Tuat in order to Timbuktu. Leo himself, as we will discover, urban centers it wasteland with the station out of Plensem in order to Timbuktu. The newest name-or life-ot it area might be talked about in the an afterwards stage. Interim, it’s, surely, an alluring hypothesis to imagine you to each other towns and cities owe its names so you’re able to exiles determined of the Abd-el-Mumen out of Gogideme.-Corley, Negroland of your own Arabs, pp. 19, 20, note 34 ; Renou, See en ce qui concerne VAfrique septentrionale, t. ii, pp. 297-298. (129) Tesevon, or Tescevin, are doubtful. Marmol says that the a few slopes personal together was peopled because of the the new Musmuda Berbers, and that this new lake which traverses their nation in the course of time ioins the fresh Um-er-Rbia. These were worst, and you can paid back rent due to their sphere to help you “the fresh Arab vassals of the Sheriff”, perhaps the Beni-Jebir off Marmol. If for example the “certaine River” is actually, because there appears some reason behind trusting, the newest Tessaut este Fukia (Wad Akhdir), following one to portion of the Great Atlas where it increases, even though the origin, and you can, in fact, the course of your lake, have however become traced, is the “Tesevon”. But if the “certaine River” (united nations fiume) ‘s the Um-el-Abra, this new hills will be you to definitely portion of the assortment in which Jebel Ben Mellal and you can Jebel Amhaust will be the most prominent summits. The problem away from establishing Tagodat can make a closer personality almost impossible up until the Atlas is advisable known. A true historicall discourse oj Muley Hamets Jiising; an such like. (1609), guy, xvi, the writer (Ro. C , maybe Cotlington) makes reference to a hill, Jessevon, near by Marakesh. (130) The “region of Tedles” (Tedle out-of Leo, Tedla out of Marmol) is nearly the present day state out of Tedla, within Wad-el-Abid, which seems about earlier writers around eg a number of labels (Quadelhabid, Hued-ala-Abed, Guedelebi, Louet-de-Leibit, Guadelhabid, etc.), as well as the Um-er-Rbia into that it ultimately empties, even though Leo ingests much of the newest Atlas. It’s traversed of the some of the highest things of High Atlas, and you can versions the place to find of numerous partial, or entirely independent people who’re rich in cows, fresh fruit trees, etc., and in the fresh cereals which they cultivate in abundance on down factor. There are numerous ” Kasbahs”, or castles, otherwise mountain strongholds, such Bebi-Melall, Ait-Rbia, an such like., the original that contains fully 1000 some one, which will be defended by the around three forts of the Ait-Seri, toward defile ultimately causing they. The fresh new Ait Atla try addicted to raiding new flatlands. The brand new Ait Rbaa Kasbah holds on 1,five hundred some one, along with certain Jews, whom keep their typical reputation out-of

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